Author: Anton Albrecht

Females4Peace Ride

Do they drive or don't they drive? Of course they are!!! And why? Because they can and above all they want to. For the first time last Saturday to determine the performance of our women's initiative "Females4Peace-Ride", four women live in Mittelbach and three online, turned a few laps on the roller. For this purpose, the counseling stamp in the...
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Baton Trophy 2024 from Bad Ischl/Salzkammergut to Chemnitz

At the end of the year we have some good news. Kind of like "Kai out of the box"... 😉So, we have agreed with the organizers of the European Capital of Culture 2024 Bad Ischl/ @salzkammergut.2024 on a cooperation on various cycling topics in the two Capital of Culture regions. Sports culture and such, you know. For example, 10 - 12 participants:inside from the Salzkammergut ride at the EPR 2023 with...
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Saxon Minister for Europe Katja Meier assumes patronage for the European Peace Ride 2022

Marshal Cezary Przybylski and Lord Mayor Sven Schulze also patrons Minister Katja Meier receives peace riders on arrival in Chemnitz on 4 September 2022 Chemnitz, 06 July 2022 - The second edition of the European Peace Ride now has prominent support. The Saxon State Minister of Justice and for Democracy, Europe and Equality Katja Meier is taking over the patronage for...
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Old heroes - don't forget!

For those of us who want to revive the Peace Tour with a new look and a different direction, it is nevertheless incredibly important to honour the old heroes. The race had the format of the "Tour de France" back then and the sporting achievements were accordingly. These memories are lovingly preserved in the cycling museum "Course de la Paix" by the crazy Horst...
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Kick-off of the project work in Poland!

Last weekend was the day. A Fit4Bike delegation of Katja, Hagen, Steffen and Kai travelled to the city of Wroclaw, itself the Capital of Culture in 2016. The aim was to start the first steps in the project work and technical implementation of the EPR 2022 on the Polish side. The meeting was prepared by our two new employees Krzysztof and Agnieszka. At...
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Further meetings with EPR stakeholders

What a week in the spirit of the EPR 2022. On Tuesday, 8 February, we met with Bernd Birkigt, the mayor of Oelsnitz and the chairman of the Friends of the European Cultural Region Chemnitz 2025 e.V., a person who was already very active in the ECOC2025 application phase, who is a good multiplier for the involvement of the Chemnitz region and...
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Kick-off meeting with the EPR 2022 partner countries

The last two days we were on the road again for the European Peace Ride 2022. Together with our supporters, we visited the Czech Cycling Association (Český svaz cyklistiky) on Sunday and took the opportunity to have a look at the "Velodrom Motol" in Nad Hliníkem. Constructive talks were held about a long-term cooperation until 2025 and beyond. Yesterday, Tuesday, we used the time to visit our Polish friends...
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Last week we were on the road again for the European Peace Ride 2022.

We visited Karel Gerold, a long-time companion, interpreter of the International Peace Tour and well-connected in the cycling scene. In his small, private cycling museum in Dresden, strategic discussions were held, old times were reminisced and cycling history was revived. The preparations are in full swing! Be excited about what's in store for you!

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