Females4Peace Ride

Females4Peace Ride

Do they drive or don't they drive? Of course they are!!! And why? Because they can and above all they want to. For the first time last Saturday to determine the performance of our women's initiative "Females4Peace-Ride" four women live in Mittelbach and three online switched to it, turned a few laps on the roller. For this purpose, the counseling temple in the rubber boot was specially transformed into a spinning temple. And not only measured by the values that were measured, that was already a great start: 

Highest functional power threshold (FTP): 210 watts

Highest heart rate (BPM): 182 beats/minute

Highest sweat: 250 milliliters 😉 (almost n small beer)

A fun and above all motivating start. And next week we'll have the first training block... 

All this, for the 28 cut in September...😉

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