Kick-off of the project work in Poland!

Kick-off of the project work in Poland!

Last weekend was the day. A Fit4Bike delegation of Katja, Hagen, Steffen and Kai travelled to the city of Wroclaw, itself the Capital of Culture in 2016. The aim was to start the first steps in the project work and technical implementation of the EPR 2022 on the Polish side. The meeting was prepared by our two new employees Krzysztof and Agnieszka. At this point: Welcome to the team!

Discussions were held with the Wrocławski Instytut Kultury in Barbara - Strefa Kultury W rocław ( Former ECoC Office Wrocław2016 ), with the Director Dominika Kawalerowicz and Paulina Maloy, responsible for international cooperation.In the Lower Silesia Voivodeship Marshal 's Office Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Dolnośląskiego we met with Krzysztof Maj - Zarząd Województwa Dolnośląskiego, the Lower Silesia Voivodeship Board / Cultural Tourism and Piotr Nowicki, the Voivodeship Cycling Officer.

In the Wroclaw City Hall we were welcomed by the Active Mobility Team / Urban Planning Department / Sport and Recreation Office, represented by Urszula Jagielnicka, Jerzy Lutogniewski, Łukasz Sarapuk, Piotr Knapiński. We also had a nice conversation with Mirko Seebeck from, who writes about Wrocław on his blog. At the end we had the opportunity to meet the legend of Polish cycling - Mr Henryk Charucki Dolnośląskie Centrum Rowerowe Harfa Harryson, the winner of the Tour de Pologne, among others.

Of course, it was still cosy in the evening in this pearl of a city. It should be noted that we were greeted everywhere with extreme warmth and hospitality, so that we immediately felt at home. The conversations were constructive and informative. We were assured of support from all the protagonists and received valuable tips on how to proceed. Now it's time to plan the route and involve the security authorities. 3 very good days for us and the EPR2022 project. We are already looking forward to the next meeting.

Many thanks to Poland! Your F4B

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