Old heroes - don't forget!

Old heroes - don't forget!

For those of us who want to revive the Peace Race in a new guise with a new coat of paint and a different orientation, it is nevertheless incredibly important to honour the old heroes.
At that time, the race had the format of the "Tour de France" and the sporting achievements were corresponding. These memories are lovingly kept together in the cycling museum "Course de la Paix" by the crazy Horst Schäfer and his team and are constantly being expanded.
Horst was also immediately on board when it came to setting off into a new era, despite all the misgivings of some contemporaries.

That is why it is a matter of course for us to be a member of the Friends of the EPR. So on Saturday, Kai fulfilled his obligation and stayed for his first annual meeting, of course not without giving a talk about the EPR.
Afterwards it became festive. Täve Schur's 91st birthday was celebrated in the club hall. Numerous guests had come from all over the world to honour him. It was also exciting to see his still sharp tongue and his view of today's events.
It is especially worth mentioning that his former competitor and now best friend Pavel Dolezel from the Czech Republic, a former peacetime cyclist, also paid tribute to him.

For Kai it was also a special experience to meet Mr Friedhelm Julius Beucher. He is the president of the German Disabled Sports Association and head of the Paralympic Committee and thus responsible for over 500,000 para-athletes. After his return from China, Kai was able to tell him about the EPR and the idea of inclusion. Further talks were arranged.
An exciting day!

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