International Peace Ride


The INTERNATIONAL PEACE RACE, also called Course de la Paix, was the most watched amateur cycling event behind the Iron Curtain. At its peak, it was even compared to the famous Tour de France.

First held in 1952, it led annually across Eastern Europe and used Chemnitz, or Karl-Marx-Stadt at the time, as a stage stop several times. The aim of the race was to counteract the tensions of the Cold War with a peaceful
the tensions of the Cold War. In 2006 it was held in this form for the last time.

We already laid the first foundation stone for a "PEACE JOURNEY RELOADED" during the application phase for the European Capital of Culture. In September 2020, we staged the submission of the application book as a major cultural event. 39 people from Chemnitz drove the so-called "bid book" IN 48 HOURS ACROSS GERMANY and handed it over to the jury in Berlin. One month later Chemnitz was awarded the title: "European Capital of Culture 2025".


More than a bike race:
The European Peace Ride is a TOTAL EVENT.

There are no exclusion criteria in terms of personal gender identifications, religion, origin or personal handicaps.

The culture of the EPR is togetherness.
Through various actions, large parts of the
of the population were able to play a significant role in the first two EPR events.

With the partner countries Poland and the Czech Republic it is a common goal
to set up a European-relevant, unifying project, which is both historically anchored in history and at the same time new impulses.

Numerous cultural events, including concerts and rallies, are integrated into the European Peace Ride every year.

For example, the bands Jeremias, Gruppa Karl-Marx-Stad and Drens played gigs at the 2021 and 2022 editions.

The references to cycling, but equally to cultural and social topics, make the European Peace Ride something unprecedented and unite this in an overall social project with European appeal.


All EPR events at a glance.

EPR 2023

08.09.2023 - 10.09.2023
3 stages
Görlitz > Mladá Boleslav > Plzeň > Chemnitz
500 kilometers | 5000 meters altitude

EPR 2022

03.09.2022 - 04.09.2022
2 stages
Wroclaw > Mladá Boleslav > Chemnitz
430 kilometers | 4500 meters of altitude

EPR 2021

11.09.2021 - 12.09.2021
2 stages
Chemnitz > Prague > Chemnitz
412 kilometers | 5000 meters of altitude


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We need your support!

Survey Fit4Bike Clubhouse - EPR Clubhouse Dear Community, we have an idea that we would like to share with you. Together we have made the decision to create a clubhouse for cycling lovers.

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Thanks to extensive communications support, we were able to leverage the analog potential of the event digitally as well. effectively digitally as well.

In addition to the wide-reach channels of Chemnitz 2025, the playout in the press also played an important role.

We accompanied the entire tour with several camera teams. This resulted in unforgettable, emotional recordings.

The playout of the pictures will take place at short notice, especially via the channels of Chemnitz 2025 on
Facebook and Instagram.



The basic idea of the Peace Ride was to do sport in peace, that's how a Czech and a Polish journalist made the Peace Ride work in 1947. The European Peace Ride embodies this idea in the current, difficult times and manages to set a clear signal - there is no better way to put it.

The idea of European cohesion and tolerance, these are very important values for me, which are wonderfully embodied by the European Peace Ride and carried into the world.

Of course, everyone who grew up in the
who grew up in the East. A huge traditional race,
the "Tour de France of the East". A
great thing that it is taking place again.

When I was a pupil
and watched the peace riders
the peace riders. I
think it's great that the idea of
Peace Ride within the framework of the
Capital of Culture is being revived.

People pull out
their mobile phones, the
they cheer. The
was touching and

The Peace Ride is
always been such a
childhood dream:
to be a part of it now.

I have a child's photo of me standing by the road at the original peace ride.
And today I am here to carry the story forward, so to speak.

It was about mastering the path together.
And this feeling of being together here: There
just gives me goose bumps!


With the first edition in 2021, we were able to reach at least 15.5 MILLION CONTACTS in German-speaking countries alone via print and online articles in the press.

In 2022, we will continue to build on this media relevance and additionally gain further reach and attention in Poland and the Czech Republic.


The success of the first European Peace Ride was made possible in large part by the SUPPORT OF VARIOUS SPONSORS.
The event offers a variety of opportunities for the presentation of the partners. By working together we can

  • offer a European REICHWEITE due to the great media interest,
  • create access to a network of doers across society,
  • enable an ALLEGED and unique European Capital of Culture.

  • Individual models can be used to create different presences at the event, integration into social media and press communication, as well as visibility in the analogue environment of the event.

    Patrons and supporters


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