Further meetings with EPR stakeholders

Further meetings with EPR stakeholders

What a week for the EPR 2022. On Tuesday, 8 February, we met with Bernd Birkigt, the mayor of Oelsnitz and the chairman of the Friends of the European Cultural Region Chemnitz 2025 e.V., a very active person in the ECOC2025 application phase, who is a good multiplier for the involvement of the Chemnitz region and was already on the route with Barbara Klepsch for the handover of the bid book. In addition to our press spokesman Arndt, Erik Kiwitter, a book author and director of the SAXOSPORT sports museum in Oelsnitz, was also present. The aim of the discussion was the integration of the EPR and the museum and the Chemnitz surrounding area as well as the possibilities of cooperation between the cities and municipalities as well as the various peace ride museums. A really very pleasant conversation filled with heart and soul!

Things continued on the Czech side this week. With our dear Lenka Peters, who is more than just an interpreter, Michal Kopecka and we got down to business in Mlada Boleslav.

A list of tasks to be completed was drawn up and route details such as overnight accommodation and refreshment points were specified. Very constructive and professional. Stay tuned! After work, we visited the peace ride monument. And look who was already celebrating stage victories!

See you soon

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