Meeting with Mayor Thomas Porksch in Annaberg-Buchholz

Meeting with Mayor Thomas Porksch in Annaberg-Buchholz

So, dear ones, what again looks like a meeting of old, white men with a minute taker, was in reality a very entertaining exchange with important decision makers from Annaberg-Buchholz. In the consultation room of the mayor. Also present: Mayor Thomas Proksch. Well, and what shall we say? Somehow the idea of the European Peace Ride is quite a door-opener. Oh well, actually it brings people together in a way we have always wished for. Friendly, almost familiar, open-minded in any case and forward thinking anyway. Peaceful...
In any case, we will be riding through Annaberg-Buchholz again this year on the last stage from Plzeň to Chemnitz. Whereby: actually more through Buchholz.
Because the Buchholz fair takes place there and we are looking forward to being a highlight there. In addition, a few cycling enthusiasts can join us from Annaberg-Buchholz who want to ride the last 40 kilometers to Chemnitz and one or the other little calf-twister. With the already famous 28er average ... But that only briefly on the sidelines ... 😉

With a crazy good feeling in the belly and head, we stepped out of the town hall last Thursday evening back into the snowy drift of the Erzgebirge, after we had not only talked about these things with our colleagues from, so Annaberg-Buchholz.

Let's see what else is coming*... 😉

*"Kim-mt" = "to come"; From the song cycle "Horch ner moal, wer da itze kimmt." "Kleine erzgebirgische Liedersammlung", ISBN: 978-3-936973-93-8, page 24 ff.

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