We need your support!

We need your support!

Survey Fit4Bike Clubhouse - EPR Clubhouse

Dear community,
we have an idea that we would like to share with you. Together we have decided to create a clubhouse for cycling lovers and we need your help.

We are currently torn whether such a project is accepted and supported by the cycling community in Chemnitz and the surrounding area. For this reason, we have written down our ideas of the club with a small clubhouse.

Please take a close look at the slides first and then participate in our online survey.

Our project depends on the result of the survey, as we have to weigh costs and benefits carefully at this point.

Here is the link to the online survey:

Kind regards your Fit4Biker*innen

The link to the survey: https://www.survio.com/survey/d/R9H0J9X7W5Y0F4V3Q

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