From Chemnitz to Chemnitz ...

From Chemnitz to Chemnitz ...

The Fichtelberg Cycling Marathon, a cycling marathon known beyond the borders of the country without time measurement, which leads cyclists and cyclists on 11.06.2023 from the Karl Marx Monument in Chemnitz to the Fichtelberg to Oberwiesenthal.

About 90 kilometers are covered with 1900 meters of altitude in the saddle. 

But what exactly does the FRM have in common with the International Peace Tour?

Quite apart from sporting fairness, enough seat meat to hold out the indicated kilometers (and altitude meters!) and of course a bicycle suitable for traffic there are no exclusion criteria! And by the way we can really like the Alexander very well and have there possibly already again other ideas in the starting blocks. But back to the actual topic: What looks like contract negotiations is a cooperation between us and the FRM team. 

So, full of anticipation, we can tell you that you will see 15 cyclists from our women's project Females4Peace-Ride at the start of the Fichtelberg bike marathon.

A great start for our European Peace Ride on the 2nd weekend of September!

And because we like each other so much and wanted to do the FRM a favor, we pulled out all the stops so that Alex, as an ambitious Zum-Bäcker cyclist, and the makers of the FRM could participate in Porphyr-King.


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