Sponsor meeting in the Felsendome Rabenstein

Sponsor meeting in the Felsendome Rabenstein

Some call it a sponsor meeting and we call it...well...actually also a sponsor meeting. Only that it was rather an evening among friends, really good friends! For example, Dirk Glowka, CEO of CoWerk/Cookwerk, who has been one of our main sponsors since last year, is such a good friend and even got on his bike. And we think he cuts a really good figure. There's still a real career to be made of it...somehow... 😉
Next chance to cut a good figure: Our hybrid cycling event Zwift Group Ride for peace and international understanding on February 24, 2023, 6 p.m. at the Carlowitz Center in Chemnitz. We've already recommended it to him and everyone else.

Or Heiko Dugall, from Autohaus Chemnitz. They also sell Toyotas, but SKODAs fit better to cycling. Which is not such a pity... ;-)... Anyway, since 2021 we get a part of our support vehicles through him...

And many more...we have linked and tagged them all here...

And what do you do on an evening like this? You tell each other a little bit. Kai, for example, continued the EPR story from 2022 and also looked ahead. After that, Anton gave a very entertaining presentation of the Fit4Stein bikes team. To then hand over the stage to his new boss, Lars Wackernagel from the UCI Continental Team P&S Benotti, for a little insight into professional cycling. And finally, Dr. Ralf Schulze from C3 then put our partner sports event, the Sports-United in the stage light...

Well, and then? Buffet, as it should be, and nice conversations and a few tales from everyday life and youth. Just spend some relaxed time together and look forward to the new issue. Nice evening!

Thanks for coming and of course for supporting...!

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