European Peace Ride meets Diamond and Trek

European Peace Ride meets Diamond and Trek

A small delegation of the EPR together with the CEO of c3(@carlowitz_congresscenter) @ralf.schulze, @a.n.d.r.e79 from @heavy24_mtb, Sven Hertwig from and Marcel Manig from Schönlein Verkehrstechnik GmbH made their way to Hartmannsdorf to the production plant of @diamantrad yesterday. 

And what can we say. We felt right at home! 

Christian Albers and Tom Mickeleit took us on a tour of the company's production facility and logistics center. And we had a very entertaining, and informative afternoon. We were also allowed to meet the managing director Mirco Schmidt and could get an interesting insight into the history and future plans of the company. We are sure that we will carry out joint projects in the near future 😉.

And best of all: We feel the passion that this company exudes! And that makes our bicycle hearts beat faster! 

A big thank you goes to @claudiagk the head of educational consulting and human resources development from the @mikomi_mw institute for organizing and facilitating this tour. 

#Networking is fun 😊

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