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We need your support!

Survey Fit4Bike Clubhouse - EPR Clubhouse Dear community, we have an idea that we would like to share with you. Together we have decided to create a clubhouse for cycling enthusiasts and we need your help. We are currently torn whether such a project is supported by the cycling community in Chemnitz and...
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Course de la Paix Juniors

Last weekend, the junior edition of the International Peace Tour took place in the Czech Republic. Yikes? How so? But: The Junior Peace Tour was already started in 1965 for the first time and is still considered one of the most prestigious stage races for juniors. And even today's elite riders, such as Remco Evenepoel, have been able to win this road cycling race. In total, the race ran...
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European Peace Ride Podcast

The European Peace Ride is now also available on your ears! In the podcast Zentralhaltestelle, Kai Winkler from Fit4bike and guest Sören Uhle from CWE review the past 3 years. Listen to it now! On Spotify, Apple Podcasts and here, on the website of Zentralhaltestelle:ören-uhle-cwe Moderation: René Kästner from Red Tower Films

News from Görlitz and Annaberg-Buchholz

Yesterday was again service travel day. The one to there and the other to there. The @manjulinasund the Hagen, for example, went by bike to @stadt_annaberg_buchholz and have measured there with the Kolleg:innen routes and planned the passage through the Buchholz fair. However, there was a lot of fog in the Erzgebirge, so you couldn't see much. But see...
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By bike to Berlin?

We've been through this before. With an entire wheel manufacturer in Berlin? That was new. And actually also quite big cinema. Parliamentary evening in the Saxon House in Berlin. Anyway, together with Diamantfahrrad and many other makers in the Capital of Culture process of Chemnitz 2025, we presented the European Peace Ride in front of the Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer and the...
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Wroclaw as a guest in Chemnitz

Yesterday, a delegation from Wroclaw was in Chemnitz. So to speak, in continuation of the EPR launch last year. The city council president @sergiuszkmiecik has informed himself with his colleagues Dominika Kawalerowicz, Paula Maloy and Aleksandra Pierścińska-Lichwa about the Capital of Culture projects for @chemnitz2025. The Steffen has thereby with the support of his two hands and in a few short sentences the European Peace Ride and its genesis...
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European Peace Ride meets Diamond and Trek

A small delegation of the EPR together with the CEO of c3 (@carlowitz_congresscenter) @ralf.schulze, @a.n.d.r.e79 from @heavy24_mtb, Sven Hertwig from and Marcel Manig from Schönlein Verkehrstechnik GmbH made their way to Hartmannsdorf to the production plant of @diamantrad yesterday. And what can we say. We felt right at home! Christian Albers and Tom Mickeleit guided us through the production facility and the...
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European Peace Ride meets Chemnitz Peace Day 🕊️

On Sunday, March 5, the official Peace Day, numerous participants and supporters of the European Peace Ride met to set a sign for peace in a bike parade in Chemnitz! The entire inner city ring was ridden by young and old and together more than 100 cyclists cranked for a good cause. With every lap ridden by our participants...
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You are great! The first EUROPEAN PEACE RIDE hybrid, together with Sports United, sent a wonderful message of solidarity with Ukraine and all other peoples and societies ravaged by war and destruction. And that worldwide! With the participants on site, such as Maria Purtsa, Niclas Walther from Chemnitzer FC, the...
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A visit with Minister of State Barbara Klepsch we were once again in Dresden. Pick up empties and promise that we will bring a new box at the next opportunity. Full of course. So the crate. Seems to have tasted and the mood was also good. Besides we have with Mrs. Minister of State Barbara Klepsch, boss in the department of science, culture and tourism also a few things...
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